About Digital Transformers

Digital transformers was founded in 2019 with the vision to help customers to get the most out of their HRIS implementation. Mature HRIS systems like Oracle and Workday offer all you need to succeed from a technological point of view. But nevertheless a lot of Digital HR Transformation projects tend to fail.

This is where Digital transformers makes a difference.

For starters we support our customers from a client side perspective during their HRIS implementation and after go-live, with a focus on aligning the business processes with the new system and integrating the new system with other existing systems. On top of this we identify business process steps that require a lot of manual and repetitive actions, in order to automate them by means of a digital robot. Time and labor intensive steps can be performed 24/7 by a digital robot in different systems in an intelligent way, allowing HR administrators to focus on “HR” in stead of “data entry”.

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Asses your processes and systems

  • Inventarise your processess and systems
  • Identify manual and repetitive tasks
  • Define efficiency and "quick wins" with implementing a robot
  • Identify impact on stakeholders
  • Measure current effort and cost

Automate repetitive tasks

  • Analyse and design the robotised process
  • Implement the robot based on UIPath
  • Test the robot and integrate with other systems
  • Train the users
  • Rollout
  • Create buy-in from all stakeholders

Evaluate solution

  • Post-production support
  • Measure cost and effort of robotised process in order to prove efficiency gains and ROI
  • Lower data entry error rate
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved employee engagement

Our Workday customers also rely on us for

Prepare and execute your project

  • Full Phase zero preparation
  • Prepare and educate your team on Workday
  • Internal Project Management
  • Internal support from skilled people
  • Support after go live
  • Continuous enhancement and release management

Prepare and analyze data

  • Defining data scope including integration and reporting needs
  • Automated tools to speed up data validation and processing
  • Normalising data for migration, including historical data

Reporting & Dashboarding

  • Analyze and build specific reporting needs
  • Launch pre-configured dashboards for a quicker adoption
  • Optimised and simple to the point reports to support business

Some Feedback From Clients

We would love to learn more about the challenges your organisation is facing and outline how we can help. To discuss further or to learn more about any of the above offerings, please do get in touch.

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